Patience is great fun! First performed in 1881, Gilbert is at his wittiest as he ridicules the Aesthetic Movement of the time, taken by some to absurd extremes.

The Heavy Dragoons, returning from defending Queen and Country, are longing to see the ladies they left behind. They anticipate a hero’s welcome. Do they get it? Definitely not, for the ladies have forsaken them for Aestheticism and now adore the strange poet Reginald Bunthorne, one of Gilbert’s greatest creations. “How preposterous! How absurd!”

Bunthorne is rejected by Patience, a dairymaid and the one girl he loves, but is surrounded by these adoring maidens and so decides to offer himself as the prize in a raffle!  All the ladies want a ticket, hoping that theirs will be drawn.  So, who will be the lucky winner and become Bunthorne’s Bride?

Sullivan’s music is, as usual, rich and varied, both lilting and stirring, and will be enhanced this year by an enlarged professional orchestra. The production will be fully staged with stunning costumes. Our performances often sell out so please book early to avoid disappointment


Godalming Borough Hall 14th to 17th February 2024
The Leatherhead Theatre 22nd to 24th February 2024

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